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Vaastav;The Reality 1999

Movie Title:Vaastav: The Reality
Year of Release:1999
Cast:Sanjay Dutt , Namrata Shirodkar, Paresh Rawal
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Vaastav as the title suggest ‘the reality’ shows the reality of the underworld life in Mumbai. The storyline of the film is based on Chhota Rajan( an underworld gangster of Mumbai).  This is one of the most appreciated movies of the 90s. The movie had received a good response from critics as well as viewers. The film did a good business at the box office and became the 14th highest grossing movie of the 90s.

The film begins with a scene on the beach where a family is seen to be performing funeral rites of their family member. An adolescent boy asks about the deceased person and his grandmother starts to narrate a story.

The story begins with two people, Raghunath Namdev Shivalkar played by Sanjay Dutt and Dedh Footiya, played by Sanjay Narvekar are two young people who are struggling hard to find some work. Both of them come from a poor background. Ravi’s father, played by Shivaji Satham has retired and lives in a chawl with his wife, played by Reema Lagoo and two sons. Ravi’s brother, Mohnish Behl is an unemployed graduate. The family plans to run a stall of pav bhaji and starts earning good profit from this small business. Everything was working out well for them while Fracture Bandya, played by Jack Gaud and his group starts visiting their stall frequently. The drunk gang members of fracture bandya start to visit the stall and abuse dedh footiya but Raghu asks dedh footiya to not get indulged into any verbal spat with the men. One day, they came and violently beat up dedh footiya. Raghu and Dedh footiya kill fracture bandya’s brother not knowing his identity and one by one they kill fracture bandya and his gang members when they try to kill Ravi and Dedh footiya. Both of them become the underworld rulers of Mumbai.

Vittal Kaanya another underworld gangster hires both of them like a hitman. Raghunath becomes a renowned hitman and Vittal grows more powerful. The home minister, Babban Rao approaches Raghu to work for him and Raghu agrees to do so. Meanwhile, Vitthal Kaanya gets killed by a rival group.

Some people despise Raghu and want him to get arrested. Raghu makes a small error and Babban Rao receives the pressure from the government and the public. He signs a warrant to shoot Raghu. Meanwhile, in an encounter, dedh footiya gets killed and Raghu comes to know that Babbar’s men and police are after him. He secretly arranges a meeting with Babbar with the help of Suleman Bhai, played by Paresh Rawal. Raghu kills Babbar and Suleman bhai also gets killed in the process.

Raghu goes back to his mother and tells her everything, his mother tries to safeguard him but his mental health had started to deteriorate. Ravi gives a gun to his mother and asks to pull the trigger, his mother does that. The film ends with Raghu’s family completing the funeral rites.

 Author’s Take

Vaastav is one of the greatest one in Sanjay Dutt’s career. This is the movie that made him the superstar and bad guy of Bollywood. He has received many awards and nominations for this movie. The direction is superb and all the actors have performed brilliantly in their respective roles. As the name suggests, it has clearly portrayed the harsh realities of the underworld!

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