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Bhagam Bhag 2006

Movie Title:Bhagam Bhag
Year of Release:2006
Cast:Akshay Kumar, Govinda , Paresh Rawal
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Bhagam Bhaag is the Hindi remake of a Malayalam movie like Priyadarshan’s other movies. Priyadarshan has been producing a satirical comedy for a long time and Bhagam Bhag too has a place with the satire type, yet this time he has added a homicide puzzle to his comic escapade. Bhagam Bhag too has the taste of Priyadarshan’s other comic, loads of humorous circumstances, chaos, perplexity, numerous characters, and various parallel sub-plots. On an absolutely engaging premise, the film manages to engage to a degree, yet other than that it has nothing novel to offer. Truth to be told the first half was much entertaining yet the second half where the murder mystery was gotten was significant dismay. Obviously making a murder mystery humorous is on the other hand barely impossible.

The film is based around a theatre group and two of its lead on-screen characters, Akshay and Govinda who is consistently planning some mischief devious. During the rehearsal session, Akshay started being flirty with the female lead in the theatre group who dislikes his conduct and after that leaves the play. This leaves the whole play and the theatre group in sway as they have found a new job to perform or conduct in London. Presently the executive of the group requests that the two on-screen characters Akshay and Govinda find a female lead for the replacement or leave this job at once. The film is a flat sort of parody film from Priyadarshan which is only for one-time watching.

The movie has been directed by Priyadarshan and the story also has been composed by him alongside Neeraj Vora. The film stars Akshay Kumar as Bunty, Govinda as Babla, Tanushree Dutta, Manoj Joshi, Lara Dutta, Shakti Kapoor, Paresh Rawal as Champak Chaturvedi, Rajpal Yadav, Jackie Shroff,  Arbaaz Khan, Razzak Khan, and so on.

Bunty and Babli are two carefree yet insidious natured guys in Champak’s theatre group. Anyway, these two consistently continue falling into hardship as a result of their coquettish nature. During the rehearsal session, Bunty starts to play around with the lead female actor (Tanushree) of the play. Shockingly she complains and leaves the play. Presently the whole theatre group is abandoned as they have quite recently been offered a job to play in London. The destiny of the play now completely depends upon Bunty and Babla finding another female lead for the play. They strike gold when Bunty meets the wonderful Minni (Lara); tragically the young lady has her own arrangement of issues with amnesia and self-destructive propensities being just a few.

Meanwhile, the mischievous Bunty and Babla, however, get involved with drugs and a drug lord (Manoj Joshi who) is currently after them. Bunty and Minni are additionally weaving their own romantic tale, yet abruptly things take a wind when she recaptures her memory to discover a husband (Arbaaz Khan) tumbling out of her storage room of skeletons. Also, things go from terrible to more terrible when a murder happens and the accused are none other than Bunty and Babla.

Priyadarshan figures out how to get the parody bit right however the consideration of the murder mystery appears to stand out in the content. There are a few careless parody circumstances which do keep you engaged. Comic circumstances between the trio Akshay, Govinda, and Paresh make for a few snapshots of giggling. Priyadarshan has utilized a lot of slapstick parody as two-sided connotation and misogynist exchanges which advance to specific kind of masses. A portion of turmoil and disarray is tossed in and he thinks of a masala Bollywood satire. The content is somewhat dull and even the screenplay does not figure out how to rescue a great part of the film. Priyadarshan appears to have just changed the content yet has adhered to a similar style or configuration that he embraces in his other satire films. Bhagam Bhag needs freshness and that additional punch to separate it from different comedies.

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