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Hungama 2003

Movie Title:Hungama
Year of Release:2003
Cast:Akshaye Khanna, Aftab Shivdasani, Rimi Sen, Paresh Rawal
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As the name proposes, the film is a consequence of mixed up personalities and a large number of false impressions coming about into sheer disarray. Nandu (Aftab Shivdasani) is an unemployed singer who needs to live in a leased house with Anjali (Rimi Sen) who has come to Mumbai looking for work. Since the landowner obliges just hitched couples, Nandu and Anjali profess to be man and wife. Jeetu (Akshaye Khanna) is destined to a grumpy person of a father who has loads of cash to stack away yet doesn’t have an account to help his child’s’ business. Result: Jeetu loots his very own father and begins an electronic merchandise showroom.

Radheshyam Tiwari (Paresh Rawal) is an industrialist who has a few organizations in his better half Anjali (Shoma Anand’s)’ name. Presently on account of the perplexity of one name ”Anjali”, Jeetu thinks Anjali (Sen) is Tiwari’s’ little daughter while Tiwari feels Jeetu is engaging in extramarital relations with his better half Anjali (Anand) while Anjali the spouse suspects Tiwari to have a thing going with the other Anjali. There are a few other sub-plots yet nothing worth expounding on.

The film is watchable on account of its pace, the muffle a-second screenplay and the exhibitions by the three men (Paresh Rawal, Akshaye Khanna, and Aftab Shivdasani). Not particularly the Tiwari-Jeetu scenes or even the Jeetu-Nandu confrontations. Comic as far as possible. Rawal with his Laloo Prasad Yadav take-off removes every one of the scenes while Akshaye appears to have made the most of his part without question, it appears. Aftab even at all substantial part is affable. Rimi is simply one more newcomer. An uncommon notice to Shoma Anand, who regardless of her noisy character, is as yet a much-needed development.

After the flop film Suneil Shetty-Mahima Chowdhury starrer Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar, filmmaker Priyadarshan recaptures his comic touch with Hungama. As the name recommends, the film is an aftereffect of mixed up personalities and a one-such a large number of misunderstanding coming about into sheer confusion.

The film has too many sub-plots and such a large number of characters. The outcome is that every one of the characters is silly and shallow. For instance, Nandu is never really demonstrated to be a striving singer. He gets sacked from his past activity however never endeavors to search for another. The main way we become more acquainted with about his ability is because he generally carries his guitar with him.

However, Aaftab Shivdasani, Shoma Anand, Shakti Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav, Tiku Talsania did extraordinary funny roles. Rimi Sen looks wonderful and much talented. It is so hilarious; it will make you giggle wildly! It is extremely interesting how every one of the characters has some association with one another and how persistent misunderstanding among these characters lead to outright chaos!

The film, to be completely forthright, resembles an amalgamation of a few first-rate successions, that is it. Indeed, even the finale, when Rimi needs to settle on a decision between the two heroes, leaves you with the inclination that the writer was in a tearing rush to come full circle their romantic tale.

Then again, Neeraj Vora’s dialogues are the backbone of the venture. They prevail with regards to improving the effectiveness of light scenes. Cinematography is okay, however, not a fix on Priyadarshan’s prior works. Nadeem-Shravan’s music is ear-satisfying at the same time, oddly, every one of the songs has been highlighted as dream sequences. Additionally, the songs come up without substantial circumstances, making you feel as though they have been fused in the film since Hindi movies are, maybe, fragmented without tune and dance numbers.

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