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Movie Title:Xcuse Me 
Year of Release:2003
Cast:Sharman Joshi - Sahil Khan
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N. Chandra has just gone crazy with this film to a great extent! The filmmaker has taken the comic sequence to an insane level. He made the entire world imagine that idiocy has achieved its pinnacle! Well, reconsider! Mr Chandra has given a good touch to every sequence with comic relief. Yet this film ‘Xcuse Me’ has failed to get recognition and success at the box office. The comical satire in the film is absolutely flat and meaningless. This film can just flaunt meaningless scenes and sequences with the purpose of making the viewers laugh and giggle to a great extent. But, the entire cast and crew failed to prove it miserably.

Chant and Bantu (Sharman Joshi and Sahil Khan, individually) have at last moved on from school and are working at a Goan resort. The proprietors of the hotel challenge Chantu and Bantu to modify the resort back to its old glory. This could only happen by ruining the business of a local resort which has been recently launched by the underworld criminal Pedro (Pratap Singh). However, there are two leading females in this film, Jaya Seal and Sonali Joshi, who play the proprietors’ little daughter. Furthermore, the two leading females pair with Chantu and Bantu and dance in every song.

Xcuse Me has very little to offer to the audiences for two hours. Excepting Sharman Joshi’s “sex-little cat” act, and the moments with Shammi Sharma (who is a charlatan artist claiming to be the Maharani of Janakpur). However, no different segments of the film fulfill the viewers’ requirement for laughter! N. Chandra has to work on his satirical comedy with great labour.

However, his previous film ‘Style’ had a plot that kept the view half-intrigued. But Xcuse Me has got nothing to offer much to the audiences. Like most Hindi films, the peak of Xcuse Me is another letdown. It attempts to bring the whole cast of the film together to bring back the comedy to a great extent. Just as Hera Pheri and the film Hungama. However, filmmaker Priyadarshan had always used the right techniques and dialogues to deliver a great comic satirical movie. While N. Chandra’s work has given the same mundane feeling to the viewers.

The music by Sanjeev-Darshan is horrible and meaningless, yet serves the purposes of the film; the less stated, the better. Finally, the exhibitions by the actors are pathetic and lack in delivering great dialogues.  As referenced before, the women have nothing to do as far as acting, and their exhibitions reflect that. Jaya Seal has given improved acting in her previous film ‘Chhal’. Saurabh Shukla and Mushtaq Khan are beneath normal. Shammi Sharma is top-notch.

Among Sharman and Sahil, Sharman by and by falls off with the better execution. Audiences will love his satirical comedy to a great extent. Concerning the muscle-bound blockhead, Sahil Khan has given bunches of acting improvement, yet he has to go a long way to prove his acting skill.

However, the film, unfortunately, fails to keep the comic stigma among the audiences with its ridiculous comedy. The story is flat and height of insane acting by the actors. Thus, the film has proved to be below average compared to its prequel ‘Style’. The film also lacks good acting ability and performances. The film is available on YouTube for free.

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